Office Moves

Office moves should be coordinated through the director of purchasing and logistics. Office moves will be triaged, reviewed by the appropriate leadership, and scheduled accordingly. Since office moves take time and planning, here are some helpful tips as you prepare:

Moving PoliciesPreparing for Office MovesComputers and TelephonesSurplus Furniture and Equipment
  • Work orders will be completed as quickly as our work schedule allows.
  • The Support Services crew can move items that weigh 300 pounds or less, except pianos.
  • Items weighing more than 200 pounds can be removed from an upper floor only in buildings with an available elevator.
  • Special arrangements will be required to move items weighing more than 300 pounds.
  • Pianos: The Support Services group does not move pianos. Please contact the music department at 434.544.8445 for information on a qualified piano mover.
  • Storage: There is no storage available for any items on campus. Items we remove are recycled by either donation or relocation on campus.
Please assign one person from your office the responsibility to coordinate the move and setup of the new office space. We will work with the department chair/director, along with your move coordinator.

  • You are responsible for packing up your own office.
  • You must pack the contents of all file cabinets, desks, and bookcases before your move.
  • Please label everything clearly with your last name, new room number, and department.
  • We recommend that you personally move breakable and personal items, including hanging pictures, personal pictures, personal plants, and any other items that could be damaged during the move.
  • Please leave a note posted on your current office door that lists your name and the number of boxes to be moved.
  • You do not need to be present on moving day.
Contact the ITR help desk with any questions you may have about moving your telephone, computer, and network service. They will be in contact with the department move coordinator before your move to assess the telephone and network needs for your new space. Support Services personnel will physically move computers and printers but they will not unplug or un-cable equipment.
Support Services can remove surplus furniture or equipment that is being replaced, serves no further use, or needs to be removed because of space restrictions.

  • Please fill out an online work order to have an item removed.
  • Include a list of items to be picked up, the building and room number where the items are located, and your name and extension.
  • Items should be clearly labeled, “Remove.”
  • Items such as desks, bookcases, and file cabinets must be emptied of any contents.
  • Once the item is removed, it is not retrievable.